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Are You a Woman in Transition?


Perhaps you’ve received a new job promotion and are having a hard time juggling all the new responsibilities and time commitments that come with this. At the same time you are also trying to take care of your own personal life, family, and finances.

Or maybe you recently divorced and now feel completely on your own when it comes to dealing with your financial future. Or maybe you just lost your spouse and are unsure about how to manage your finances moving forward.

If you are like most other women going through transitions in their lives, you have lots of questions and concerns about how all of this is going to impact and affect your entire life – your family, your friends, and perhaps most importantly your financial future!

Hi, I’m Carleton McHenry, and I’ve been helping women like you create more financial certainty in their lives by instilling in them more confidence and peace of mind as it relates to their current financial situation in life.

Working with me, my clients have been able to gain much greater clarity about the future transitions they may be facing and how these may impact their overall financial well-being. I successfully help women who are going through transitions get a better grasp of everything and plan for the future including making sure they are still on track to enjoy their own retirement.

A few years ago, I and my group, the Family Wealth Advisors Council (FWAC), commissioned a major study called “Women of Wealth”. Did you know that an estimated $25 trillion will accrue to women through 2030 via generational and spousal transfers? And nearly 95% of women will be their family’s primary financial decision maker at some point in their lives? Then why is it that the majority of women feel completely disenchanted and dissatisfied with those who are giving them financial advice? This needs to change and I and my other colleagues at FWAC intend on changing this!

As a start, I’d like to give you a complimentary copy of our report, “Women of Wealth”. Just enter your name and email in the form below and I will send you a complimentary copy of the study.


Women Of Wealth: Why Does The Financial Services Industry Still Not Hear Them?

This report will help you gain more knowledge and understanding of what other women like you are thinking and saying about their money. It also provides additional insight into action steps you can take to ensure your transition is a successful one regardless of the uncertainty you may now be facing!

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